Kris Hagan, after years of experience in the world of languages and professional counseling, has founded a language institute capable of offering a wide variety of courses and types of training for foreign languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and others.

Our highly qualified team trains professional figures that work in different sectors: internationally famous doctors, national journalists, university professors and stars from the entertainment and music world.

Through the years, Kris Hagan has built a high reputation based on competence and targeted work, exclusive and reserved, offering training services both for individuals and for national and international companies.

The Sandwich Method

The International English course designed and created by George and Loredana Shenker, known as THE SANDWICH METHOD, is one of the most famous systems for the teaching of the English Language. Perfect both for beginners and advanced students, since 1962 The Sandwich Method is leading the English teaching market, offering a guaranteed quality standard that haS no match in speed, flexibility and professionalism. The student is actively involved in the learning thanks to dictation, simultaneous translation, written and oral exercises.
Using constant testing indicates the level of progress in the learning.

From the beginning of the course, the student has the possibility to listen to English spoken from a wide variety of voices, just as would happen if he was taking a walk around London, New York or Sydney.

With The Sandwich Method, the student learns how to master and use different sentences and common expressions, allowing him to understand and express himself in a simple way right from the start, to then progress to a more complex and idiomatic form as the course advances.
Through continuous repetition and support of phonetics, the students acquire a perfect pronunciation, an essential tool not just for letting other people understand you, but also to understand mother tongue spoken English from all over the world.
Why Choose The Sandwich Method?
Exclusively mother tongue teacher professionally trained
Effective and fast learning method with more than 50 years of experience
Controlled improvement in pronunciation and comprehension 
Didactics based on real world situations
Monitoring and verification of achieved progress


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For work

✓ Medical English
✓ Business English
✓ Legal English
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Language courses

✓ A 1-2
✓ B 1-2
✓ C 1-2
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Preparation for exams


Courses management

Individual courses
Classes (2/8 persone)
Language courses for those who work in the art, entertainment and show business, created expressly by specialized consultants.
TV Hosts
TV Shows
The world we live in is becoming everyday more and more globalised. People have to deal with foreign languages on a daily basis. With Kris Hagan Language Institute you can study a wide range of languages from all over the world, with highly trained mother-tongue teachers ready to look after your every need.

Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean are just some of the languages you have access to thanks to our institute.

- Individual courses and conversation
- Courses and consultation for companies
- Translations

Our courses in your city, everywhere in the world!
Contact us for our online courses at the nearest Regus centre. You’ll have the possibility to see our teachers from the most convenient office to you, along with all the comforts, which characterise Regus in the world.

Kris Hagan, bringing the world together.
The mother tongue staff are capable of offering translations, interpreter and consults on the best way to express ideas and concepts in English, both orally and on paper.
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Sir. K is a monthly free magazine in English designed for students from all over the world.
Sir. K will give you the opportunity to expand your comprehension of the English language thanks to readings of different levels and continuously updated interviews that portray our world.
By proposing yourselves as editors of Sir K. you will have the chance to see your article published and read all over the world: the best way to have fun while practicing your English.


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